Video games to assess and
train cognitive abilities

the project

Behaverse is an FNR funded cognitive sciences research project from xCIT—a research team at the University of Luxembourg led by Prof. Pedro Cardoso-Leite.


Behaverse comprises an expanding collection of computerized cognitive tests and surveys which have been extensively used in the scientific literature. This collection is being curated to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s cognitive abilities in a time effective manner. Each test has been carefully redesigned for greater inter-test consistency and to improve user experience. Each test is also highly customizable and supports adaptive testing.


In addition to cognitive assessment, Behaverse also comprises video games aimed to improve cognitive abilities. The scientific literature has highlighted multiple hypotheses to explain the efficacy of diverse cognitive training interventions. Behaverse’s training games attempt to translate those hypotheses into concrete implementations and test them by comparing the effects of alternative versions of the game on the performance on the assessment tasks.


Initially, both assessment and training activities will be offered as stand-alone activities over the web. This is a necessary first step to start gathering the data needed for the research project. In a subsequent phase, we aim to integrate the assessment and training activities within a coherent and engaging video game that will allow us to test the efficacy of interventions at an unprecedented scale.

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