Tools galaxy is a collection of software systems that are used transversally within Behaverse. Some of these tools may have a general use and could be valuable beyond Behaverse.


Streamline and automate the boring stuff so more brain time can be dedicated to scientific research.



Automated data analysis execution

An R package (and proto-standard) to support the automated execution of data analysis code on a large number of files. A key goal is to separate the code that does the data analysis from the code that orchestrates the application of that code to data files and the management of the resulting output files. This project also offers ideas on how to organize data analysis code and output files to ensure traceability and reproducibility.

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Over the years, we have developed a variety of tools including system monitoring tools, quality checks, unit testing, deployment tools, error reporting mechanisms when a game crashes, localization, data encryption/decryption utilities, and tools for extracting and transforming data, to name just a few. These tools facilitate development and automate processes, enhancing the robustness, reproducibility, and reusability of the overall system.

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